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Welcome to The Leather Restorators, where we take pride in bringing life back to your beloved leather possessions. With a legacy spanning 25 years, we stand as India's leading leather restorators, specializing in the meticulous restoration of a wide array of leather products, including shoes, belts, bags, sofas, and more.

At The Leather Restorators, our dedicated team of professionals is well-versed in the art of leather restoration. Whether it's reviving the vibrant color of your leather accessories, replacing worn-out components, or providing a complete restoration, we go above and beyond to ensure the originality and durability of your premium leather items.


Truly commendable work. My Guess handbag is as good as new. Thank you so much ‘The Leather Restorators’.



I have very good experience with working on my shoes and jacket to give a new look. Keep it up, guys.


Amazing restoration work done for my shoe. Very professional and the quality of the materials is durable.

Ankit Bose

Why Choose The Leather Restorators:

Over 1800 leather products transformed
25 years of expertise in leather restoration
Professional leather repair and replacement services across India

Our Services Include:

  • Leather Coloring
  • Leather Cleaning
  • Leather Replacement
  • Complete Leather Restoration

Discover the transformation as we breathe new life into leather products. From preserving heartwarming memories encapsulated in your leather sofa to restoring the status of your favorite leather shoes, we are committed to delivering excellence in every restoration project.


Join hands with us, and experience the remarkable craftsmanship of The Leather Restorators.

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