Leather Garment Restoration

Leather Garment Restoration For Ultimate Fashion

Leather, especially leather jackets, never gets old in the fashion industry. The Leather Restorators knows how to restore the appearance of every leather cloth and jacket just like the new one.

Leather Apparel | Leather Jacket | Leather Clothing

Our experts restore any kind of leather clothing including leather jackets, leather dresses, leather skirts, etc we know how to keep the brand value of your leather products while giving them a brand-new look.

Cleaning | Colouring | Stitching

Leather Cleaning

We use suitable leather cleaners to remove any dirt, dust, or stain from the surface of your leather clothing. Also, it is conditioned to preserve the leather surface.

Leather Repairing

We repair any tears or holes, in your leather clothing, with quality filler and leather stitching processes which increase the life of your leather clothing.

Leather Colouring

If your leather clothing or leather jacket is fading, then our professionals recolour your dress or clothing with the original brand colour and give it a perfect look with final polishing.


We polish your leather clothing for extra shine and perseverance by disinfecting it with the disinfectant as well. Your leather clothing, leather jacket, and leather dress get a complete makeover.

Leather restoration services at your convenience

We provide you with complete leather restoration services without letting you move out of your house.

  • Pick-And-Drop Service
  • Pan India Service
  • Professional Restoration

Professional leather restoration for branded leather jackets

Over the past 25 years, our professionals have restored various types of branded leather jackets made from famous brands. We ensure that the brand value is not reduced when it is restored.

  • Restored 50+ Prime Leather Brands’ Products
  • Original Leather Colouring
  • Original Leather Replacement

“I’d always wanted to write a song about a leather jacket and how wearing it makes you feel. I love leather jackets, and I’ve got a big collection of them.”

Marc Almond


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We only deal in expensive & branded leather items.

We do not provide services for PU/Artificial leather goods.