Leather Belt Restoration

Leather Belt Restoration For Longlasting Fastening

Our professional restorators know how to maintain the originality and durability of your premium leather belts.

Formal Leather Belts | Casual Leather Belts | Skinny Leather Belts

We offer complete leather restoration services for multiple types of leather belts such as formal belts, casual belts, skinny belts, buckle belts and more. We ensure that the fit and look of your leather belt is maintained.

Cleaning | Repairing | Restoring


While restoring the leather belt, first we disassemble the belt and inspect the problem area in the leather belt such as cracks, tears, stains, etc.

Leather Cleaning

In the next step, we clean the leather belt thoroughly with specialised leather cleaner and then condition it to ensure its softness, flexibility and shine.

Leather Repairing

While repairing, we fix any damage on the leather such as holes, rips or cuts by using specialised leather adhesive, leather stitching and leather patching.


After restoration, we reassemble the belt and give it polishing, waxing or dying (if required) to give original shine.

Leather restoration services at your convenience

We provide you with complete leather restoration services without letting you move out of your house.

  • Pick-And-Drop Service
  • Pan India Service
  • Professional Restoration

Professional leather restoration for branded leather belts

Our expert professional has been restoring premium and branded leather belts for 25 years, ensuring quality restoration, such as Gucci, Tom Ford, La Matera and more.

  • Restored 50+ Prime Leather Brands’ Products
  • Original Logo and quality restoration
  • Original Leather Replacement

“Wear a belt! It’s an easy way to pull together your outfit. Just be sure to match it to your shoes.”

Ashton Kutcher


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We only deal in expensive & branded leather items.

We do not provide services for PU/Artificial leather goods.