Leather Bag Restoration

Leather Bags Restoration For Precious Items

Leather bags are the most durable and come in a variety of styles. All leather bags are restored to their original beauty by our experts.

Branded Leather Handbags | Leather Bags | Leather Backpacks

We restore all kinds of leather bags and handbags to their original look and design by ensuring perfect leather match when replacing the leather. Carry your belongings and memories with our professional restoration.

Colouring | Polishing | Restoring

Leather Cleaning

We use a professional leather cleaning mechanism to clear every single corner and curve of your leather bags for proper conditioning and polishing later.

Leather Colouring

For bringing back the original colour of the leather bag, we use premium leather colours by matching it with the original brand’s colour

Leather Stitching

To ensure that your leather bag does not torn out again, we stitch your leather bags again by using high-quality thread with double stitching.


We use specialised leather protective spray and wax to keep it from infection and damage for a lasting original appearance.

Leather restoration services at your convenience

We provide you with complete leather restoration services without letting you move out of your house.

  • Pick-And-Drop Service
  • Pan India Service
  • Professional Restoration

Professional leather restoration for branded leather bags

We have restored premium and branded leather bags for over 25 years and we know how to maintain brand value even after restoration.

  • Restored 50+ Prime Leather Brands’ Products
  • Original Logo and quality restoration
  • Original Leather Replacement

“A woman’s mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag; even when you get to the bottom of it, there is ALWAYS something at the bottom to surprise you!”

Billy Connolly


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We only deal in expensive & branded leather items.

We do not provide services for PU/Artificial leather goods.