Leather Shoes Restoration

Leather Shoes Restoration For Durable Style Status

Leather shoes are an important part of your life and status, and our professionals can restore them to their original beauty.

Formal Leather Shoes | Casual Leather Shoes | Leather Bellies & Sandals

Leather Restorators restores leather shoes, leather boots, leather sneakers, leather bellies (Ballerinas), branded formal leather shoes and all other types of leather shoes. With beautifully restored leather shoes, your feet will always look beautiful.

Stitching | Polishing | Restoring

Cleaning & Conditioning

For long-lasting softness and infection-free leather shoes, we thoroughly clean and condition them from the beginning.

Leather Repairing

In the next step, we ensure that your shoe is fixed for all tears, holes and cracks with our expert leather repair kit and glue.

Sole Replacement

Apart from repairing cracks and stitches in the leather shoe, we also replace and repair the sole of your shoe for a longer life and comfortable walk.

Leather Polishing

To give your leather shoes longer life and natural shine we use our specialised leather polish. Our polish is premium for leather brands as well.

Leather restoration services at your convenience

We provide you with complete leather restoration services without letting you move out of your house.

  • Pick-And-Drop Service
  • Pan India Service
  • Professional Restoration

Professional leather restoration for branded leather shoes

We have been restoring premium and branded leather shoes for over 25 years, such as Gucci, Tom Ford, Woodland, and more.

  • Restored 50+ Prime Leather Brands’ Products
  • Original Logo and quality restoration
  • Original Leather Replacement

“You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet.”

Christian Dior


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